Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Nobody can get your goat..If you dont show them where its tied up!"

This quote like so many i have heard...struck me as funny and profound..that happens allot..
A voice speaks to me and says.."did you catch that?..are you listening?..what are you going to do with it?
So i do what i always do...write it down in the Quote book.
Its with me wherever i go...i like the feeling of putting pen to paper...enjoy the way the pages are crumpled.. and the ink is all different colors...from borrowing a pen each time.
I particularly relish the way i come back to the words..ponder them..going deeper into the meaning..beyond the surface..past the stars..so i may answer that question i heard earlier..

"Did you catch that?..what are you going to do with it Tammy?"

Its message i surmise has to do with the following:
I own goats...yeah that's pretty funny and maybe a little weird.
Most folks tease me about this fact...who would want to own a goat?.. and why?.. they persist.
This ironically...gets my proverbial..."goat".
And i wonder to myself...is it me?...am i somehow strange for housing goats?
Totally secure in my goat fetish i ignore the teasing and laugh along...
I am far to strong to worry what others may think about me or my goats...
"but OK...really,.... is it weird?"

Courage is letting go...
"Don't waste your time taking anything personally...
Whatever people say about you is just a projection of their image of you.
It has nothing to do with you."
Don Miguel Ruiz


Andy Koehn said...

I think most of us let the world...others...keep us from doing what we feel we want to do in the name of doing the "right" thing. We are afraid of looking stupid...or breaking rules set by other scared people. Raise those goats...and love 'em. No...it's not weird at all. (Especially to the goats!)

Terri Fischer said...

OK seriously. You own goats? Baby #1 and I were just talking about wanting to own goats. weird. I mean, NOT weird. ;)

~Deborah~ said...

Hi Tammy - You do have a way with words - the crumpling of the paper, the inks - love that! Looking forward to more...

Karen said...

I love this blog! I can hardly wait for more. Thanks for sharing these wonderful quotes and what you've learned. When we expand and share ourselves, we inspire and give others the tools to do likewise.

Great job and wonderful writing!